XP Embedded and Native Remote Debugging

The second part of Mike Hall's “Going Virtual” article about using Virtual PC to setup an XP Embedded image and perform remote debugging using Visual Studio .NET 2003 has been posted on the Get Embedded site, take a look by clicking here.

For those of you who attended Embedded DevCon this past week in San Diego, some of this will look familiar - I helped Mike figure out some of the Visual Studio debugging details, especially the nuances needed to get things working on XP SP2 with the new firewall features, and I presented some of these techniques in my remote debugging talk on Thursday the 1st.

I'm going to work with Mike to publish a similar article describing how to configure machines for managed remote debugging using the techniques described in my debugging talk. The steps required for that are more involved but can prove to be very useful when readying your apps for an embedded device. So stay tuned for that.....