Radio GaGa New Version And Live On Windows Azure

I took some more time to enhance Radio GaGa, the sample application from my last post. It now supports search, has a home button, artist paging functionality and an updated layout and was updated to work with the final Silverlight 3 runtime.

And as I was evaluating the current Windows Azure SDK I thought it might be an interesting idea to deploy Radio GaGa onto the Azure Fabric as is. My guess was that it must be a straight forward process as this is a Silverlight only application that uses no Azure Services or resources besides the basic hosting. So I tried it and unlike some other tries where I thought everything should be quite easy and straight forward this time it really worked well. So here it is. Remember to get the Silverlight 3 runtime in order to use the application.

And as always if you would like to get the Source Code for this sample application feel free to contact me.


Radio GaGa Link