Silverlight Is Cool Because It ...

As you all have probably seen, read or heard about the announcement of Silverlight the new Microsoft technology to create Rich Internet Applications. Some of you might still wonder what it is all about and therefore I thought I will provide you a brief, bulleted-list-style overview of the main capabilities and advantages that Silverlight introduces to those creating and hosting web applications.
And for those who think: "Go away...this is old news", I mainly created this post to test how easy I can integrate a Silverlight control onto my own blog here on MSDN ;). Oh and by the way...I know you realized it on first look...I'm not a designer ;)

In order to see the information below you will need the Silverlight 1.0 Beta or Silverlight 1.1 Alpha Runtime which you can get here!

Ok and now to the facts:

Silverlight is...