The Music Industry – Your Dear Pals

Due to some recent changes in licensing for LyricWiki to provide song lyrics via web service calls my famous Radio GaGa Silverlight application does no more show lyrics of the selected songs. As said this is due to some restrictions made by the music publishers and is neither my nor the fault of LyricWiki. While this is just a sample application it is not too much of a problem at all however I just wanted to make you aware of this. I’m reflecting now how I can change the application to still add some value. For example the web service still returns discographies and other artist/song related information.

So if you have any ideas on how to pimp Radio GaGa I would appreciate if you’d leave a comment. Until then stay tuned and at least leave out one purchase of music to show the publishers that consumers still have a voice. Or better send them a note and tell them that they still don’t know how the internet works.