IE Zoom Level Settings in correlation with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Performance Issue

While working on Microsoft Dynamics CRM client side performance issues, I found that sometimes when the CRM users opens the CRM application from the web client, then open any out of box, or the custom entity record and then navigate through the various tabs within the form, users observed a sudden spike in the C.P.U of their client machine, and the whole system works very slow.

This may or may not be the case for all the CRM users who are accessing the CRM application from their client machine using IE. This is a clue that there is a setting within the client machine that is causing this type of performance issue for the CRM users.

After looking into this behavior in more details and after verifying some more isolation steps including the Antivirus settings, group policy, IE version, default IE settings and many more, I found that this type of performance is caused by the Zoom Level setting of IE, which is not set to its default value (100%). After charging this value to its default value (100%), there was no performance issue for the users.

Note: Resetting or Restoring the IE settings to its default value does not take care of this specific setting in IE.