BAM SSIS package BAM_DM_ not archiving data

Ever wondered why the BAM SSIS packages for archiving (BAM_DM_<activity_name>) is not archiving the data from BAMPrimaryImport DB to BAMArchive DB though we see that the package executes successfully.

Ok. This may be the reason.

The BAM SSIS packages for archiving (BAM_DM_<ActivityName>) are a two step process. They handle partitioning and archiving. During each run, the activity tables are partitioned, meaning a new set of tables are created in the BAM Primary Import DB for the Completed Instances and Completed Relationships table of that BAM activity. Next the package will check if there are any partition tables where the creation time of the partition table falls out of the online window. We need to  check the bam_Metadata_Partitions table which maintains a row for each partition per activity including when the partition was created. Data is moved to Archive DB based on the partition falling outside of the online time window.

In one of a customer scenario, the online window for the activity was set to 90 days and we found out from the bam_Metadata_Partitions table that the oldest partition was around 1 month old only (i.e.the DM SSIS package was run for the first time 1 month before). It means that this partition will be archived once the duration specified for online window completes (i.e. after 2 months from now). If we want to wish to archive the data sooner, only way is to reduce the online window duration using ‘bm.exe set-activitywindow’ command and re-run the SSIS package.

I hope it helps!