Today I was looking into an issue where we were receiving following error in the event log while trying to start the SSO Service.

Event Type:    Error
Event Source:    ENTSSO
Event Category:    Enterprise Single Sign-On
Event ID:    10728
User:        N/A
This version of the SSO server is not compatible with the SSO database. Please upgrade your master secret server.
SQL Server Name: xxxxxxxxxxx
SSO Database Name: SSODB
SSO Database Version: 0.0
Required Version: 3.0

This error was confusing since there was no change made to the SSODB or the SSO Server. Troubleshooting here and there, we didn’t got any clue. That time, I wanted to gather a MsgBoxViewer report to see if it gives any insight as to what caused this incompatibility. But, MsgBoxViewer tool itself threw error “Cannot generate SSPPI context” while trying to connect to BizTalkMgmtDB. It meant that from BizTalk server we were not able to connect to SQL Server hosting BizTalk databases. This got confirmed when we tried to test the connectivity using a UDL file with Windows Integrated Security.

We then worked to resolved the error “Cannot Generate SSPI Context” while connecting to SQL databases. This issue was resolved once we ran the SQL server under Local System account. Apparently, looks like we were running into issue similar to what is described in http://blogs.msdn.com/b/sql_protocols/archive/2005/10/15/481297.aspx.

Once, the error “Cannot Generate SSPI Context” was resolved, we were able to start the SSO Service successfully.