Formatting For-mi-da-ble!

  • clip_image001Did you know that in Excel, Word, PowerPoint & Outlook 2007 you can preview formats, fonts, and styles before you apply them?  I have found recently during the creation of presentations, Word docs & emails that this feature is saving me SO much time! 

  • We all know, particularly with communications, that if there is a lot of  text involved you need to make it look attractive or stand out to encourage people to take the time to read it and to also make it clear and easy on the eye.  And with so many different styles and fonts to  choose from it can take a while until you find the "right" one, from selecting the text, clicking on the font style, waiting for it to be applied, then deciding it's not right and having to repeat the process!  Until you build a "memory bank" of the fonts etc which you prefer this can be a timely and tedious task. 

  • But, a cool time-saving feature of Office 2007 is that all you have to do is highlight the relevant text, click change styles then HOVER your cursor over the different styles, scrolling down each one. 

  • As you do this it will apply the selected font to your highlighted text giving you the opportunity to see what it looks like before confirming your selection.   Kind of a "try before you buy!"  This also applies to adding colours, shapes, lines, themes, every part of formatting you can think of so can save a huge amount of time. 

  • For me this also works so well in the creation of PowerPoint presentations - this way you can see what your presentation would look like in the various formats & styles without having to select it, review and go back and change it.

  • Essentially this is known as "Live Preview" - a way in which you can see how the formatting you choose will change your text, pictures or other content, or how the overall look of your document will change when you switch the theme, simply by pointing to the different items in the galleries.

  • Give it a go and see for yourself and let me know what you like about it (or don't like about it) and the difference this has made to your daily work lives!

  • Look forward to hearing from you! :-)

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