Most popular how-to articles in 2008

How do you know what you don't know... You need to know something exists in the first place, to know that you don't know anything about it...

Because of this conundrum, I'm always interested to see what people are searching for on Office Online -- and I almost always discover a new feature that I wasn't previously aware of. So as we get into "list season", I thought I'd share the 5 most popular how-to articles from Office Online.

1. Make text superscript or subscript

 Office 2003 | Office 2007

2. Prompt to open a file as read-only

Office 2003 | Office 2007

3. Turn on or off overtype mode

 Office 2003 | Office 2007

4. Using CC and Bcc when sending emails

 Office 2003 | Office 2007

5. Enable support for other file formats, such as PDF

Office 2007

What are your favourite Office features?