Prove your skills with a Microsoft certification

Getting certified is a great way to prove how well you can use Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access. Right now you can get everything you need to study for and take one of these exams for an amazing price of £44.99. Prodigy Learning Ltd are offering their Microsoft Office Self-Start Learning Kits at this special price for a limited time only, so take advantage now at

Why get certified?

According to an IDC study sponsored by Microsoft, there are many advantages to getting an official certification;

  • Microsoft Certifications increase a person’s earning potential by approx 12%
  • 82% of certified Microsoft Office Certified Individuals report a salary increase after certification.
  • 40% of supervisors report that Microsoft Business Certified employees are a valuable resource to other employees.
  • 89% of Microsoft Office Certified employees do not require additional supervision to perform their duties.