Calling out for Interns

Calling out for Interns….

Are you a recent Grad with less than one years work experience?

The Intern Program is a 12-month program where we look to develop your skills and experience by getting you deeply involved in a specific business unit. At the end of the 12-month program, we do not guarantee full-time employment with Microsoft, although we do consider our Interns for any suitable opportunities that may arise.

Many of our Interns move into positions with Partners and Customers. This is a great way to broaden your overall industry experience and knowledge.

Good grades are important, but the most important talents we seek from our Intern applicants are genuine passion and curiosity about technology, creative thinking and the desire to work hard alongside some great minds in the industry.

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Database Intern


The overall purpose of this position is to facilitate the efficient and effective use of data within Microsoft through the following activities:

· Extract data from internal Microsoft systems; includes liaising with internal customers to understand their requirements and communicate results back in a clear fashion.

· Perform data analysis of Microsoft internal data; includes liaising with internal customers to understand their requirements and communicate results back in a clear fashion

· Assist in the maintenance and development of local database and reporting systems and web applications.

· Assist with improving data quality, including some manual work

· Liaise with external vendors (eg. mail houses and service providers)


· Working knowledge of SQL Query Language; familiarity with SQL Server (stored procedures, indexes, etc)

· Understanding of relational database structures

· Competent Database user (has put together a database) = preferably MS Access or MS SQL Server but acceptable.

· Competent spreadsheet user – preferably MS Excel

· General familiarity with systems development principles

· General familiarity with contemporary project management methods.

· Competent PC user with network exposure, preferably familiar with Windows 2003 administration.

· Familiarity with systems development principles

· Familiarity of C#/VB or any programming languages.


(these are standard intern competencies)

Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate proficiency in the following areas:

· Problem Solving

· Drive for Results

· Action Orientation

· Communication and Interpersonal Skills

· Technical passion

· Creativity in relation to idea development, and approaches to unusual or difficult situations or problems

· Self Development

Likely Background

A suitable candidate will be from the following faculty preferably with a sub-major in business or marketing:

· Computer Science

· Computer Engineering

· Software Engineering

· Information Technology

· Information System

It is anticipated that the suitable candidate would have a varied range of interests and activities. Further, that their academic results in key subjects are above average standard.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks JJ