Looking for an Internship?

We’ve had a few enquiries about the Microsoft Intern Program so here goes….

Microsoft in Australia hires around 20 interns a year. These positions are available within most areas of the business, such as marketing, licensing, communications, product support, presales support, on-line project management and consulting. Opportunities are mainly based within our Sydney office - there are also some roles in our branches (Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra)

The Intern Program is a 12-month program where we look to develop your skills and experience by getting you deeply involved in a specific business unit. At the end of the 12-month program, we do not guarantee full-time employment with Microsoft, although we do consider our Interns for any suitable opportunities that may arise.

Many of our Interns move into positions with Partners and Customers. This is a great way to broaden your overall industry experience and knowledge.

Good grades are important, but the most important talents we seek from our Intern applicants are genuine passion and curiosity about technology, creative thinking and the desire to work hard alongside some great minds in the industry.

Some Advice…

  • Pass your HSC and get a degree or diploma (and do it well)
  • Learn tools and products that make you attractive to businesses immediately
  • Research your preferred areas of employment and apply in a targeted way
  • Get some experience (even if it’s unpaid)
  • Be creative
  • Differentiate yourself

I look for five key factors when considering applications for intern positions; (in no particular order of importance)

Attitude - Desire to learn – The difference factor – Presentation - Skills


What I look for……

A friendly positive attitude

A team player

A hunger/thirst to learn new things

Honesty and ethics


Breadth of experience

Creativity and original thinking

Relevant skills/qualifications/experience

What makes me say “no hire”

Over confidence (arrogance)

Bad attitude towards managing conflict

“I’m always right!”

“Money is #1 priority”

“I have learnt all I need to know”

Lack of creativity or ability to think BIG

Stronger candidates available

Dishonesty or unethical actions

Inability to say ‘I don’t know’

Poor presentation

Incomplete CV

Desire to learn

Formal and informal learning

Desire to Break & Fix

Willingness to try something new

Hunger to learn from others

Learn the competition

Ability to demonstrate

The difference factor

What makes you so special?

Extra-curricular activities



Community Service


2nd Languages




Telephone – write down what you want to ask

A good clear CV with no spelling errors

Better to be over dressed than too casual

Practice presenting answers at a whiteboard

Good eye contact & communication skills


Technical Skills….

School and College studies



MSCE Qualifications (& equivalent)

Self-taught skills


Web languages

Reading – online subscriptions

Betas & Testing

Competitive Knowledge


Demonstrations & Industry Events

Non-Technical Skills….

Presentation Skills

Debating and Negotiation

Selling Skills

Customer Service

Project Management

Writing Skills

Team working Skills

Planning & Organisation

Competitive Knowledge

Understanding Business & Industry

If your interested in applying for an intern we recruit them at different stages throughout the year so keep an eye on www.microsoft.com/australia/careers and apply on line to be considered.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any further information.

Thanks JJ