Meet Finuala

Meet Finuala

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Originally from Ireland, I have been living in Sydney, Australia for the past 10 years.


Prior to coming to Australia I ran a duty free store in St Petersburg, Russia which was a joint venture between the Irish and Russian airports. Leaving the snows of Russia I decided to come to Australia for some sunshine on a working holiday visa where I worked in various roles in between having a great time!


When my working holiday visa expired I moved to the Middle East to work for an airline and travelled internationally for 2 years which was a fantastic experience. It was great to be paid to see the world and the shopping was awesome!  


With the travel bug nearly gone from my system I then returned to Australia and started working in sales in the finance industry for a couple of years.


With the IT boom of the late 90’s and my interest in technology I joined a Global IT recruitment company recruiting in the Sales and Marketing space. My focus was IT working heavily in the vendor and internet space. The market was booming at the time and sales and marketing people were in huge demand.


Having spent the past few years recruiting for clients I wanted to try the other side of the fence so took the opportunity to join Microsoft as in internal recruiter. I have been with Microsoft for a year focusing on the sales and marketing recruitment which has been a great experience and has given me the opportunity to meet and interview some of the best people in the industry.