Download Two Azure Active Directory Whitepapers

Keeping in line with a few of my recent posts about leveraging hybrid cloud scenarios, here are a couple of Azure Active Directory focused whitepapers, the first being a quick introduction to Azure Active Directory and the second being more focused on hybrid identity scenarios.

Azure Active Directory is a critical component of digital transformation and creating a truly modern workplace. Azure AD gives organisations a simple, elegant way to provide effortless user experiences, unlock IT efficiencies and enhance security.

Download Crash course in Azure Active Directoryand learn everything you need to know about setting up Azure AD in your organisation. This free e-book includes:

  • An overview of Azure AD and how it works
  • The benefits of utilising one unified, secure identity
  • How Azure AD improves user experiences
  • What Azure AD does to secure identities

For any organization moving to the cloud, a robust identity solution becomes the critical control plane for keeping up with new security demands and complex compliance requirements. A hybrid approach to identity and access management helps you retain and expand your existing IT systems while taking advantage of the control, visibility, and security capabilities of cloud-based identity. Microsoft Azure Active Directory offers a hybrid identity solution that work with existing on-premises IT solutions.

Second up is the Hybrid Identity Digital Transformation Framework Whitepaper.

In this whitepaper on hybrid identity, you'll learn:

  • How to evaluate your business requirements and desired business outcomes for your organization’s hybrid identity solution
  • That you can take advantage of cloud app capabilities—minus the added risk
  • How to better protect end-users against cyberattacks without sacrificing productivity
  • Ways that you can accelerate your digital transformation at your own pace