Ignite Sessions For OEM and System Builder Partners - Windows 10 Management

During the just completed OEM Windows Server 2012 R2 Roadshow I mentioned several ways of keeping up with different products and technologies, and that I would create a few posts that cover these in more detail. This is the eighth post in that series, and it is focused on the sessions that were delivered at the Ignite event (the successor to TechEd and several other events) in Chicago. Windows 10 management is today's area of coverage.

What's New in Windows 10 Management and the Windows Store

Windows 10 continues to add new and improved management technologies, to ensure that Windows continues to be the best—and most flexible—operating system to manage. In this session, we talk about all the changes that are coming, including enhancements to built-in mobile device management protocols, new Windows Store and volume purchase program capabilities, sign-on capabilities with organizational IDs (Microsoft Azure Active Directory), sideloading and other app deployment enhancements, and new capabilities being added to other existing management technologies, such as PowerShell, WMI, etc.

Managing Windows 10: Back to Basics

Are you new to managing Windows devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, phones), or maybe just rusty? In this session, we review the management capabilities built into Windows 10; capabilities offered by Windows Server to complement the built-in capabilities; additional products like Microsoft System Center and Intune that provide the ability to manage large numbers of devices; and related services and tools.

Getting Ready for Windows 10: Servicing Windows Client and Server in a Managed Environment Today

Join this session to hear best practices of consuming the various types of Windows Updates (Hotfixes, Security Updates, Update Rollups, etc.) in your business environment. This session helps you prepare for Windows 10 by adjusting processes and policies today, to consume our updates as intended while minimizing risk of failure.

Managing Windows 10 Using Group Policy with In-the-Box, Microsoft, and Third Party Tools

Windows 10 adds new features and settings that can be managed using Group Policy, while also carrying forward improvements from Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 that those still on Windows 7 haven’t yet experienced. In this session, we review the new settings available, as well as the broader improvements in the Group Policy engine, that you’ll see in Windows 10. We also look at upcoming improvements in Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM).

Managing Windows 10 with Microsoft Intune and System Center Configuration Manager

Excited about the new Windows 10 features? We are as well! Join this session to learn about how Microsoft Intune and System Center Configuration Manager are going to support and enhance new features coming in Windows 10.