Accreditation just got even more rewarding.


Pass three (3) Sales Specialist Accreditation or three (3) Pre-Sales Technical Accreditation from the list below, between 1st March and 30th April to receive one (1) Microsoft Mouse.

Pre-Sales Specialist Accreditation

· Business Intelligence Pre-Sales Technical

· Data Platform Presales Technical

· Datacentre Presales Technical

· Private Cloud, Management and Virtualization Pre-Sales Technical

· Collaboration and Content Pre-Sales Technical

· Communications Pre-Sales Technical

· Messaging Pre Sales Technical

· SMB Pre-sales Technical

· Devices and Deployment Pre Sales Technical

Sales Specialist Accreditation

· Collaboration, Content Management and Search Sales

· Communications Sales

· Messaging Sales

· Small Business Sales

· Devices and Deployment Sales

How to Collect your Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse:

Email a copy of your three completed course certificates with a completion date between 1st March and 30th April to  with “Scale to New Heights” in the subject line

Wait by your letterbox for your Microsoft Mouse to arrive

Please note this is only open to Australian based partners and one mouse per person.