April Certification Hero Announced… Wayne Hoggett

Congratulations to Wayne Hoggert, our April Microsoft Certification Hero!!

Wayne is an Infrastructure Specialist and has achieved the following certifications:


Wayne illustrates how Microsoft Certifications have helped his career:
“Certification has improved my ability to quickly and effectively design, implement and troubleshoot Microsoft technology. I can recommend solutions and implement them much more effectively than I ever could before. I've driven innovation in our environment by making management aware of features available in Windows Server, allowing our organisation to get more value for their money from Microsoft technology they already have. I'm also driving adoption of new technology, providing information on features available in Windows 2008 R2, Windows 7 and Exchange 2010 that can meet business requirements.”

Wayne has also provided some tips on how to become certified:
“I would recommend talking to someone who is already certified if at all possible as they may have tips to help you meet your certification objectives. I find certification works best for me as part-time self-paced training using computer-based traning that includes a combination of video, text and simulation. I'd also recommend taking advantage of virtualisation, combined with the generous trial software offered by Microsoft.”

Congratulations Wayne, you have won $150 to spend at Microsoft Press.

Please contact me i-arroch@microsoft.com to collect your prize.