Are You Going to WPC?

What is WPC?

The 2013 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference is a global gathering of top Microsoft partners which provides the roadmap and inspiration to activate and drive joint business. At WPC, you will be immersed in a breadth of devices and services that empower business and experience various opportunities for business conversations, and hear other partner and customer success stories. This year, WPC is focused on the modern era of computing as it aligns to the following four content pillars:

Big Data – The Modern Business. Increase business success through data-driven decision making.

Cloud – The Modern Data Centre. Reduce costs, increase efficiency and productivity.

Mobility – The Modern Consumer. Provide secure and managed solutions.

Social – The Modern Employee. Empower interaction.

Connections and conversations are part of the core foundation and value that WPC represents. Here, we encourage you to partake in the hundreds of sessions available, networking opportunities with the more than 16,000 attendees, and engagement opportunities with Microsoft executives. 


2013 is a benchmark year for the Worldwide Partner Conference. While evolving the event year-over-year is always a focus, this year you’ll experience the reimagined WPC. Every facet of the event has been guided by the singular goal of providing the partner community with the most dynamic, connected and relevant WPC possible.

This year, we want you to be able to:

* Meet other partners that will help their business succeed

* Network with industry leaders to gain useful information

* Attract new prospect leads to help their sales grow

* Connect with Microsoft leaders to learn about new launches

* Brainstorm with likeminded individuals to share best practices

* Engage with and build meaningful relationships with the right people

MODERN. The focus of WPC 2013.

What is Modern Life?

Modern is a symbol of relevancy that begins a narrative of possibilities. It represents the distinct story beyond WPC and MPN—the modern life that is Microsoft: partner to partner, partner to technology, technology to life.

The four pillars explained in relation to Modern

Big Data

The world of data is changing, and customers are challenged by the increasing volume, variety, and velocity of data. Because the cost of data storage is steadily reducing, customers can afford to take a “save everything” approach. They’re also asking more from their data, whether it’s unstructured, structured, or streaming. The opportunities are tremendous for partners who offer end-to-end solutions based on Microsoft data management and business analytics technologies.


It’s a hybrid world, with customers investing across physical, virtual, and cloud models. Partners can develop deeper engagement opportunities by delivering bigger, better, more complete solutions that enable their customers’ move to the cloud to increase their flexibility, not hinder it. Windows Server 2012 and Windows Azure enable you to deliver on this demand, with a resilient private cloud that lets customers take efficiency, cost savings, and agility to the next level.


People are more tech-savvy than ever, leading to a proliferation of devices that that users bring to work and IT must support. In addition, users expect their work apps and people to be available whenever and wherever they need them—and for the experience to be seamless across devices. But companies can’t sacrifice security and compliance to meet these expectations. The opportunity for partners? Delivering apps that meet demand for 24×7 access with convenient solutions that are deployable on premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments.


As technology becomes more immersive, people expect it to help them develop more personal and social connections with colleagues and customers. And they expect experiences similar to the social tools they use at home. The new Office, together with capabilities in SharePoint,

Yammer, and Skype enable you to provide unique, interactive, personalised online social experiences, which positions your business to attract and retain new customers.

Why Modern?

It stems from our very own story: Microsoft is changing the landscape of business and there is no better time to be new—now. To be more memorable, remarkable and, most importantly, relevant to and for our partners. That’s the power of this sensibility. That’s the power of Modern.


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