Be the expert with Enterprise Mobility Management competency and training!


Mobility isn’t about devices, it’s about users. Your customers want to give their employees access to company data  easily, from virtually anywhere, and on the devices of their choosing, without compromising security.

Patches are no longer enough; customers are looking for a complete and secure mobility solution. Enter Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS).

EMS represents a great opportunity for partners who can deliver the Suite and its management of users, their devices, and the protection of corporate data. In order to help you demonstrate your EMS expertise to your customers, the Microsoft Partner Network launched the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) competency, a learning program with tailored training, benefits, and incentives.

Training, assessment, and support

The EMM competency is a powerful differentiator, so to help you prepare, we’ve made Enterprise Mobility technical training resources available in the partner learning paths. We also have an in person instructor led course running in Sydney February 2016, please click here to find out more details and register.

Refer to the “Business Productivity” category in the MPN competency section for EMM training designed to help you pass the Technical Assessment requirement for the competency.

Then, once you’re ready, here’s what you’ll need to do to earn the competency:

  • For Silver level partners, one individual must pass the Enterprise Mobility Suite Overview assessment, and either the Identity and Access Management, Mobile Device, Information Protection or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure assessment.
  • For Gold level partners, two individuals must pass the Overview assessment plus one of the workload-specific assessments.

The pay-off?

Not only will you be an expert in your customers’ eyes, but, in addition to the core support benefits available to all competency partners, those who attain the EMM competency are eligible for unlimited incidents of Signature Cloud Support, an elevated level of technical support.

Learn by using: IURs

The benefits of earning an EMM competency don’t stop there: being able to use a solution is the best way learn it quickly and comprehensively, and with the EMM competency, you get even more opportunities for hands-on experience.

While all competency partners have access to 25 seats of EMS at the silver level and 100 seats at gold, partners who attain the Enterprise Mobility Management competency get an additional seats: 50 at the silver level and 100 for gold.

Be sure to take advantage of the Internal Use Rights (IUR) to use Enterprise Mobility Suite internally, as well as to develop customer demonstrations.

FastTrack offer!

Ready to get started? With the EMM competency, you can help your customers get up and running quickly through the Microsoft FastTrack EMS Adoption offer. Find out if your customers qualify for partner funds toward driving active seat usage. Eligible workloads for the offer include Enterprise Mobility Suite for Intune and Azure Active Directory Premium.

Implementing mobility requires having confidence in your solution. Having the Enterprise Mobility Management competency will help you ensure that when customers are looking for secure mobility solutions, they look to you.