Becoming a change agent for growth and profitability

In my previous blog posts I’ve talked about the need to rethink and make changes to various parts of your business to truly take advantage of the opportunity the growth of online services represents.  Those changes will differ depending on each unique Partner organisation and understanding WHAT those changes look like is still only the first step.  As you build out your plan it’s absolutely critical to consider the HOW in terms of landing those changes effectively across your business.

  • How do you juggle continuing to operate an effective, profitable business today whilst investing time, energy and resources in making necessary changes to remain profitable in the future?
  • How do you gain buy-in from your management team, board of directors, shareholders, peers and employees to the changes so they are aligned and driving in the same direction?
  • How do you maintain clarity in direction and purpose when the reality is your dealing with varying levels of ambiguity?

We have teamed up with Fiona Hathaway, APAC HR Director for Microsoft Consulting Services to deliver a workshop to help guide you through some of these questions. Fiona has been leading a similar workshop with our own Services Leadership Team to assist them in leading change in their own organisation.

Below is a summary of Fiona’s half day workshop:

The Leaders Role in Driving Change

The technology world is changing and as leaders we must respond to and re-shape the industry. Our organisations are looking to us for clarity, ask yourself “Who am I in the face of these Challenges?” The session is designed to prompt leaders to effectively lead change, transform businesses, and inspire their teams. We discuss the need to detect early signals at the consumer, customer, competitor, and ecosystem levels, and translate those signals into insights and proactive business choices. To create clarity on your organisation’s purpose and future, to drive growth and profitability across an increasingly changing business portfolio while learning to balance short- and long-term financial trade-offs.

  • Wednesday 29th April – Melbourne
  • Friday 1st May – Sydney

You can register for the workshops here.  If you have any further questions or to register please email