Build your Windows Server 2012 Business!

Windows Server 2012 is here and now’s the time to get the knowledge and tools to begin selling solutions to your customers.

  • Understand how it can help your business: Value props, and higher-level understanding of the business advantages of Windows Server 2012—for enterprise as well as SMB customers.
  • License it: Six courses and an assessment that will teach you about the licensing and pricing updates and overviews for simple-to-complex scenarios.
  • Sell it: From understanding the opportunities through scenarios, objection handling, and whiteboarding, you’ll learn all about making your next Windows Server 2012 sale. Coming in October (English), a new Sales Specialist Assessment will be available (other languages to follow). Sales engineers have 4 courses and a new Pre-Sales Technical Assessment for Private Cloud, Management, and Virtualization – find those here.
  • Dig into it: Take deep dives into features, and what they do, and become the next expert on Windows Server 2012: virtualization, networking, storage, identity and security, management and deployment, remote access, and web/app platform.