Changes to the “Partner of Record” Process for the Online Services Advisor Deploy Incentive

Today we announced changes to how you become the Advisor Partner of Record (POR) for the Online Services Advisor Deploy incentive. This incentive can be earned when you are deploying and managing the subscription for Office 365, Windows Intune, Dynamics CRM Online and the Enterprise Mobility Suite customers when they’ve purchased under an Enterprise Agreement or Campus and School Agreement (CASA).

As of 2nd March 2015, the process for becoming the POR for the Online Services Advisor Deploy incentive will be completely digital and managed through the Office Customer Portal for Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and in the Intune Account Portal for Windows Intune and EMS. The Online Services Advisor form will be removed from the MPN site on 30th April 2015.

Becoming the Partner of Record for the customers you’re working with is key, it can impact your Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) competencies, incentives and access to customer reporting for those subscriptions you are managing. POR is used to measure criteria to achieve MPN Competencies, it’s also used to assess which Partner is eligible for incentive payments. The customer reporting you can access through the Online Services Dashboard once you are the POR can enable you to better support your customers, providing you details such as technical updates from Microsoft and deployment information.

Next steps:

  • Review the full blog post on the changes to the digital Partner of Record process.
  • From 2nd March 2015, attach as Digital POR to existing subscriptions with your current customers.
  • From 2nd March 2015, use Digital POR to attach to new subscriptions .
  • Review the deck for more details and next steps.