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Microsoft® LicenseWise is a one-stop shop that can help Microsoft Partners recommend Microsoft product and Volume Licensing solutions for customers, optimize the sales process, and build new revenue opportunities. Partners can also use LicenseWise to save them time in effectively creating accurate quotes that are customized to customers’ needs, helping to save them money.


New Features & Functionality with LicenseWise v5.5:

1. LicenseWise Core Cal and E-Cal Server Attach Models! Available in the Enterprise Server Modeling and Recommendation Tool for the Enterprise Program. Compare which EA program platforms to be licensed under for infrastructure optimization!

2. LicenseWise Cash Flow Graphs! Available in Downloadable Reports to view cash flow forecasts for a 6 year term! Compare SA Vs Non-SA spend in a graph format for programs such as Select and Open!!


Call to Action:

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Key Benefits of LicenseWise:

· Research and select products with the LicenseWise user friendly three-step process

· LicenseWise is available in more than 90 regions and localized in more than 20 languages

· Save time with comprehensive, up-to-date product and licensing information – all accessible in one easy-to-navigate location.

· Get easy access to Microsoft product numbers, Product Use Rights (PUR), and Software Assurance benefits

· Customize customer quotes with products and services

· Adjust pricing using flexible markup or markdown percentages and Microsoft Financing options

· Find and view previously saved quotes with the My Quote Workspace feature and use it to access, manage, and download a library of saved customer quotes in an easy-to-use workspace

· Use a unique quote ID number to access quotes in LicenseWise that customers created in Microsoft License Advisor

· Create new revenue opportunities with product recommendations you can use to up-sell or cross-sell to your customers.

· Supporting training materials for partners: http://volumelicensing/Shared/assetoverview_LicenseWise_Training_Material

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