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Hi, I hope you enjoyed the webinar, it was actually recorded during my last trip to Australia (earlier this month) which as ever was too far apart from the last visit and too short, but hey ho, what a great country. Today as I write this blog I’m sitting in a very wet and miserable Charlotte airport in the US having just had a long overdue family holiday. So I’ve had two weeks to reflect…. Here goes.

My colleague Charlie Gilbert and I met many Australian partners ranging from international corporations, nationals and localised IT specialists, we also spent time with the people at Microsoft; the execs putting their plans together for forthcoming campaigns and the guys on the ground working day to day with their partners. Everyone in this eco system is pushing; pushing hard to help their customers get the benefits that Cloud has to offer. My overwhelming takeaway from Australia was its happening and it’s happening fast. Since my last trip in December ’14 the prevailing attitude from resellers has changed from “yup, this concept looks good” to “we’re selling now and we’re investing more”.

If I was privy to the Microsoft sales figures, which sadly I’m not. I’d say that Australia is right on the curve of the hockey stick for cloud sales. A local data centre is surely the last hurdle that has been cast aside. The excuses for not doing this are now running thin, and all the people I met were trying to figure out how to go faster and sell more.

Office 365, Azure, EMS are all core pieces of Infrastructure that should be at the heart of your clients IT world, they have easily demonstrable benefits: functions, pain elimination and cost (you don’t have to agree, but you probably should) so with that in mind, it’s time to work out how you are going to take your clients there, because based on my recent experience if you are not your competitors are.

Partnering with Microsoft

The materials coming from Microsoft today are seriously worth looking at, you are more than welcome to be cynical about global programmes delivered by a global vendor, but look at them, spend time with the Sure Step programme, take of the rose tinted specs for a moment and think about how your business will look in 12 months’ time, how many key services you provide to your customer will you have moved to the Microsoft Cloud? What percentage of your customers will you have moved? How many times have you started the conversation with Microsoft Cloud? (How many times didn’t you?) How many of your customers moved to the Microsoft cloud without you knowing? How many will?

The time is NOW!

As a Microsoft partner, the financial incentives are there, the support networks are there, proven profitability models are there, the tools are there. Your customers will move to the Microsoft Cloud, will you help them?

Good luck, Ben

About Ben and Perspicuity

Ben is the CEO of Perspicuity one of the most successful Office 365 resellers in the world. Ben’s team pioneered new sales and training techniques and now has a successful consulting team helping resellers to build their Microsoft Cloud businesses. Winners of the Microsoft World Wide Sales excellence award in 2014, as well as many other national awards in the UK. Perspicuity also offers a fully managed migration service exclusively for partners. For more information contact

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