CRM Enterprise Academy


The Microsoft CRM Enterprise Academy provides 300-level, deep technical training to help address the unique needs of your enterprise customers. Drive more architectural type knowledge into deals & implementations and access technical content designed by R&D and Microsoft Services. All material is based on the new features and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.

Advanced Development course

This 4 day course is targeted for developers that already have a basic understanding of how to customize and extend CRM and are looking to learn more advanced techniques.

Topics include: Client scripting, navigation customization, custom scenarios HTML/JScript Web Resources interacting with CRM’s REST and SOAP endpoints, advanced plug-ins and processes, CRM Solutions tools and techniques, and CRM Online and Windows Azure cloud strategy.


  • Attendee should be a technical consultant or architect focused on implementing CRM solutions
  • Basic CRM customization skills are required
  • Ability to understand and use C#
  • Ability to work within Visual Studio and similar developer focused tools
  • Attendee should have reviewed the equivalent topics contained in the existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Developer Training because much of this course builds on that foundation of knowledge.

Advanced Infrastructure course

Designing a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Enterprise Infrastructure involves complex requirements and advanced knowledge of the technologies necessary for a successful implementation. In this 3-day course, you will plan and architect scalable, enterprise global deployments of Microsoft Dynamics CRM highlighting the features of the new CRM 2013 release.

Topics include: Capacity planning and benchmarking efforts, performance considerations, functional differences between the E-Mail router and server-side sync options, understanding of new services, database structure and upgrading to CRM 2013.


  • Working knowledge of CRM, understanding of the CRM system requirements and the different required components in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 
  • Basic knowledge of infrastructure on networking, load balancing, database, Active Directory, ADFS and Microsoft Office 365.

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