CSP: Your Questions Answered

As you saw yesterday on Yammer and LinkedIn, I was on the hunt for the top questions you want answered about CSP. Now that

Who am I?

Before I get into the real questions - I’m the CSP Program Manager for Australia, I work in Philip Goldie’s team (who are the lovely people also posting regularly on this blog).

What is CSP?

The Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program is a new way to resell Microsoft cloud services. CSP allows partners to:

  • Set the price, the terms and directly bill customers
  • Directly provision and manage subscriptions
  • Be the first point of contact for customer support

Plus, CSP allows you to bill monthly!

Why CSP and not other Microsoft licensing options?

Each licensing type from Microsoft has its benefits and suits different customer types and sizes.

CSP specifically is best suited for:

  • Smaller customers
  • Customers where flexibility in seat numbers is important
  • Partners who are looking to use the Microsoft cloud as a foundation and lead their Go-To-Market with their own partner services/IP

What products can I resell via CSP?

At a high level:

  • Office 365
  • Azure
  • CRM Online
  • Enterprise Mobility Suite

Note that not all SKUs are available, check with the CSP wholesalers for more information on what they offer.

What is the quickest way to start selling via CSP?

Your quickest route to market is to buy from our two Australian wholesalers; Ingram Micro and rhipe .

When is Azure becoming available in the Australian datacentres?

With the Australian datacentres being new, some services that may be available in other datacentre regions may not be available. A notable example of this for the Australian DC’s is compute (VM’s). Microsoft plans to have compute services available in the Australian DC’s by the end of September. CSP partners and customers may of course use compute resources out of other Azure datacentre regions in the meantime through CSP.

I recommend in parallel that you continue to build out your GTM for Azure, develop your solution and managed services portfolio and continue to develop your readiness and support capabilities.

Reach out to our two wholesalers to stay up to date with their offers for Azure!

Other CSP Questions?

Head to the Australian Partner Conference next week! Both Ingram Micro and rhipe will be there, so make sure you drop by and ask them about their offers!

Plus, I’ll be keeping you up to date with everything CSP right here on the blog.


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