Developing Cloud Solutions with Azure Training Course

This five-day training course is designed to introduce students to developing cloud based applications using Microsoft Azure and the Azure .NET SDK. This course covers key compute technologies such as virtual machines, cloud services, and App Services, as well as teaches how to build a developer environment and compose new applications using platform-as-a-service (PaaS) components.

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand key capabilities of the Azure Platform
  • Understand how to build and secure an application that uses identity from Azure AD
  • Understand how to choose the right data platform
  • Understand how to choose the right compute platform
  • Understand how to build and deploy applications using Azure

Who this course is designed for:

  • Developers and Software Architects


  • Previous experience with C#, .NET framework and Visual Studio is highly recommended

Level:       Technical Level 300

Cost:        $599 AUD

Location / Date / Registration:

SYDNEY  28 November – 2 December

Melbourne 5 – 9 December


Module 1: Introduction to Azure for Developers

This module introduces the student to the Azure platform and orientates them to a subset of Azure offerings relevant to enterprise developers that are just getting started with the platform. The course starts with an overview of Azure as a platform and then discusses core compute such as App Service, Batch, Cloud Services, and Service Fabric, and then covers several storage technologies such as SQL DB, Document DB, and Azure Storage. The course wraps up with an overview of services that can be used to connect various modules of your application in Azure.

Module 2: Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

In this module students, will learn about Azure Virtual Machines, Virtual Networks and Azure Storage from the perspective of a developer.

Module 3: Azure Storage

In this module, students will learn about Azure Storage from the perspective of a developer. This module focuses on using blobs, tables, queues, and Azure files to build new or extend existing applications.

Module 4: Introduction to Azure SQL Database

This module is focused on exploring features Azure SQL Database. You will gain hands on knowledge in building your first web application integrated with SQL Database and Azure Active Directory.

Module 5: Developing and Deploying Azure Web Apps

In this course students, will be introduced to web apps with in Azure App Service. Students will learn about how to develop, deploy and configure web application to Microsoft Azure. Students will gain hands one experience of enabling Azure Active Directory authentication for web application. This course also covers monitoring, diagnosing of web applications.

Module 6: Managing Identity in the Cloud

In this module, you will learn about managing identities for web applications leveraging social identities as well as Active Directory Federation Services. You will gain hands-on knowledge in setting up web apps with Azure Active Directory authentication.

Module 7: Building and Monitoring Web Apps for Scale

This module explores technologies such as Traffic Manager, Redis Cache, and Content Deployment Network (CDN) to scale out a web app. This course also discusses using Azure’s Application Insights for the developers to monitor Applications and to enable them to detect and diagnose any issues in the application using Application Insights. The module walks you through how to enable Application Insight for an ASP.NET application and obtain various telemetry data including server side statistics, client side statistics, custom events & traces. The module also covers how to detect and diagnose issues in your application using Application Insight.

Module 8: Developing and Deploying Azure Cloud Services

In this module students, will be introduced to Azure Cloud Services. Students will learn about the architecture of cloud services, web roles & worker roles. They will gain hands on experience by developing an application which has a web role & worker role using queue based load levelling. Students will learn about developing, configuring, deploying, troubleshooting, diagnostics and monitoring of Cloud Services.

Module 9: Introduction to Messaging and Notifications

In this module, the student will be introduced to some of the core capabilities for building distribution solutions using Azure ServiceBus. Services will include Notification and Event Hubs, ServiceBus relay, as well as Queues, Topics and Hybrid Connections.