DEVICES AND DEPLOYMENT - December Readiness Update

Increase Volume Licensing opportunities with Windows 8 and new Office

The updated Good-Better-Best sales card for enterprise can help you qualify opportunities and drive sales for Windows 8 and the new Office. Learn how to engage with customers, listen to their challenges, sell these new products with EA attach, and more. This training is specifically tailored for LAR and SI partners who sell into the Corporate Account segment with 250 PCs to 2,500 PCs, who can take advantage of Enterprise Agreements, Select and other VL products.

Windows 8 e-book offer

Get a no-cost e-book to explore the new features Windows 8 offers for IT professionals and businesses. This e-book is designed to help you prepare to deploy Windows 8, deliver apps, and manage recovery, security, and virtualization. Download this first preview release. For full details on the offer, visit the Microsoft Press blog website

Put your optimized desktop practice on the fast track
Learn how you can use delivery methodology and templates developed by Microsoft to help guide your customers to create a more secure and reliable desktop environment. Use your Microsoft Partner Network benefit – 5 partner advisory hours – to participate in this training.