Digital Marketing - Creating Demand for Microsoft Partners (Feedback Required) by Mike Heald

Digital marketing is web related marketing including electronic direct mails, key word search etc  it's a combination of pull / push marketing. If done properly you can reach your target market much quicker with bigger impact.

I'm hoping you can provide me feedback on what 'you' think you need to be successful at creating a successful digital marketing campaign..  or even just using digital marketing in day to day marketing as part of your media mix.

We are looking at at both a self serve and full serve options for you..  Please review the chart below and let me know what we are missing. The first two columns are self serve with the third being full service.. 

1) Full service means for a nominal cost an agency will do the work for you and provide full analysis of where you should focus your efforts. 

2) Self service - You log onto a website and create your own campaign by downloading all the digital assets and create your own plan based on certain criteria, recommendations etc.

You can post your comments in this blog or email me direct at

Thanks for your feedback!