Do you meet the new requirements to re-enrol as a Gold Certified Partner?

Is your anniversary date in January, February, or March?

The current survey period (October 1st through December 14th) is your last chance to survey your customers and meet your re-enrolment requirement.   You must receive at least ten completed surveys during the survey period in which you participate—up to eight survey responses can be from the same customer organisation.

Don’t be left behind and miss business opportunities

Organisations worldwide become Gold Certified Partners to access expanded benefits such as software and support resources, helping them drive profitability and sustain competitive advantage. We don’t want you to miss the many business opportunities that await you as a Gold Certified Partner.

Meet your deadline today:

1. Sign in to the CSAT Index portal from here.

2. Use the CSAT Index Quick Reference card to guide you through the simple steps.

Any questions please contact your Partner Account Manager or myself.


Thanks  Sarah.