Do you wish you had a Superpower?


As a child did you ever wish you had a superpower like the superheros in cartoons? I did, I dreamed of it a lot. For me that superpower was to be able to make myself invisible, I would be able to walk around and no one would know I was there, I could go to all the classes that I enjoyed.

As an adult I know superpowers are not real but I sometimes wonder what it would be like having the superpower of being able to read a person’s mind. I am sure you are now imagining the possibilities this superpower of mind reading would open up. I would no longer have to guess what someone means or is thinking, I would know with 100% accuracy, solving issues would be so easy.

Now, seriously think to yourself what you would do if you had this new found superpower. Well, perhaps for better and/or worse you don’t actually have to wonder about what you would do with this power, as it is just not possible to read another person’s mind.

I wish I could teach you how to read a person’s mind, but I cannot. I can however show you how by attending this year’s Australia Partner Conference (APC) you will get an edge on your competitors and how it will help you become more effective. Let’s call this the superpower of Business Growth, now I am sure you will agree with me that’s almost as powerful as what you would have if you could actually read someone’s mind.

With APC just around the corner I am looking forward to engaging with 100’s of Australian Partners who will be coming together on the Gold Coast. This year APC will bring thought leaders, IT visionaries, marketers, business builders and Microsoft Executive from around the globe together for a week full of networking and pursuing new business deals as well as learning.

APC is where we talk about our journey together, our mission and strategy, and the ambition we share for you and our mutual customers. I am so pleased to be able to spend a week with you and share this journey.

Networking is always front and centre at APC it is one of the side benefits of bringing such a rich and varied Australia Partner Community together. In support of this we have planned two new unique opportunities for you to socialise, meet new people and pursue new business.

The first is our In Conversation Roundtables which are designed for small group discussions with speakers on a range of topics in an environment where you can discuss topics which are top of mind for your business and hear directly from some of the industry's thought leaders. These sessions are limited to 20 people and will book quickly so now's a great time to register and secure your place.

The second is our Masterclasses which are highly motivating, 90 minute sessions where you'll have direct access to guest speakers and be able to delve into core areas that support your business growth.

With Australia Partner Conference at your disposal, we will give you the tools you need to create your very own superpower of Business Growth.

I would hate for you to miss joining us August 31 – September 4, so if you have not registered yet, you are still in time! Just go ahead and register here.

I look forward to learning about your business growth superpowers, so please make sure you find me in the expo hub or come and watch my session on Thursday morning at 9am Learning at Cloud Speed.