From cloud cottage to cloud castle, cash in on your cloud success


Life in the cloud can be a life of luxury, but when building an empire, water vapour will only get you so far - fortify your castle with the tools and resources available exclusively to Microsoft Partners.

Those of you who’ve kept up with Sophie’s posts on partner profitability, Sarah’s posts on partner readiness, are participating in Cloud Champions II and have leveraged the Cloud Sure Step methodology, are likely to have a fairly solid foundation (and perhaps a moat?). If you specialise in selling or deploying Office 365, creating customer value with CRM Online, or delivering solutions on Azure, why not go one better? Add another wing with a no-cost* Silver Cloud Performance Competency (it’s easier than you think).

Cloud Performance Competencies

As the most exclusive level of Microsoft Partner Network membership, Competency represents the Microsoft Partner elite. To acknowledge the growing customer demand for enterprise grade cloud solutions, Microsoft introduced a new kind of competency, tailored to meet the demands of successful cloud Partners - the Cloud Performance Competencies. The new Competencies have been designed from the ground up to reward you for your cloud success, providing performance based pathways to attainment, exclusive benefits to accelerate your growth and a new fee structure designed to save you money.


MPN 101 Overview

(Silver) Cloud Performance Competency Requirements and Benefits

Unlike the traditional Microsoft Competencies, the main Cloud Performance Competency attainment requirement is Office 365, CRM Online and Azure performance. If you’ve already got runs on the board, chances are you’re half way there. Attaining one of the competencies makes you eligible for the “core” Silver or Gold Competency entitlement”, including Internal Use Rights (IUR) licences, branding, support, readiness, plus sales and marketing assets, in addition to Competency specific benefits such as; additional IUR, unlimited Signature Cloud Support, sales and deployment incentives, eligibility for programs and special offers, Pinpoint search boost and more.


Silver CPCs

Silver Cloud Performance Competency Benefit Highlights


So now you know, what are you waiting for? See the following URLs for competency specific; benefits, requirements and attainment process. Get the tradies ready, that castle wont build itself!



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