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Education, healthcare, innovation, the environment, the digital economy are all key policy issues at the heart of the political agenda for governments -  local, state and federal.  This means that the Australian technology industry will be affected by decisions made by government in areas such a procurement, privacy, technology standards, infrastructure, interoperability, intellectual property and accessibility to name a few.  Given their role as both policy maker and the largest purchasers of ICT in the country, it is essential for government to remain informed and advised on the progress of technology and its contribution to business development, job creation, education, and government services.

Microsoft Australia regularly engages with governments, academics, thought leaders and regulators on policy development and would welcome the input of our partners.  We want to have a complete picture of how regulation and legislation will affect our industry, but importantly how the technology industry can assist government in promoting choice, innovation and economic development.

Voices for Innovation (VFI) is one way for you to get engaged, keep informed and to connect with other members of the industry on issues of shared interest.  With the support of Microsoft, VFI members educate thought leaders and elected officials about new technologies and the positive impact they have on global economies and jobs. By participating in VFI, members raise the profile of their company, learn from tech leaders and help win policies that are beneficial for our industry. Our members include Microsoft Partners, software developers, consumers, vendors, suppliers, shareholders, user groups, academics and others.

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