Helping you drive sales - New SMB Mini-campaigns

Imagine your customers were lucky enough to stumble across a lamp that washed up on the sea shores.
A lamp that possessed something within.. a magical Business Genie. The kind that could grant you 4 magical wished for your business.

You would probably wish for:

1) Saving Time

2) Getting Organised

3) Reducing IT Costs

4) Reducing IT Risks

5) 4 more wishes.

Well, if you have Small/ Medium Sized Customers, consider Microsoft the Genie in the Lamp. Microsoft are launching some mini campaigns to help make your customers wish list come true, well all of them except for number 5.

Campaign OFFERS to help drive business your way include:  

· Save up to 20%* on Microsoft Office 2007

· Save up to 15%* on Windows 7 Professional

· Save 15% on Open License and Select licensing costs when you upgrade to Windows 7 Professional.

We have also created a Virtualisation ROI calculator to help customers estimate return on investment from Microsoft virtualisation solutions.

Only 5 sleeps until the Campaigns will be launched.. To learn more and discover how to leverage these campaigns for your business, visit >.


Dare to Dream,