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You should never want the deal more than your customer!!!

If your energy and appetite for the sale exceeds that of your customer then they are going to feel pursued and not in a good way.  Thinking back to the whole idea of the power of our Neolithic brain (see the ‘Why’ post for more) that’s precisely where the fight or flight instinct comes from and it is just as present in a sales engagement that feels predatory as it is if you think you’re being followed on a dark street. 

So how do you test whether this is happening in your business?  Well aside from setting aside some time to read or re-read Sandler and Carnegie, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are there areas in your business where your energy and appetite may get in the way of having authentic and honest conversations with your customers? Are you scaring them away? 
  • Are there sales that you’re not sure that you want?  Why is this?  Is it possible that what puts you off about them might just be game-changing for your business?

This is not to say that taking a quick look around is going to uncover a diamond mine underneath your sales floor –making changes that lead to a more mindful approach to sales takes time and consistent application, that’s why Sandler’s book carries such a mouthful (and true statement) of a title.  It’s also why I think consciously investing in creating a better understanding of the psychology of sales is so important for a business – with every revelation you get closer to being able to influence whether you win or not. 

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