How did you celebrate the launch of Windows 7?

I was lucky enough to host my own Windows 7 Party with family and friends on Sunday, yesterday I was at one of our Distributers celebrating, I think i ate seven cakes! (and one to many green slushies)

Microsoft celebrating…

Chris Liddell ringing the NASDAQ bellEmployees in India with Windows 7 logo made of dominosHouse in Sietes painted with Windows 7 colors

1)CFO Chris Liddell rang the NASDAQ bell from Redmond Thursday morning, opening the market on Windows 7 launch day.

2)Employees in India celebrated the arrival of Windows 7 with 7,000 dominos that made a picture of the Windows logo

3)Villagers in the tiny Spanish village Sietes, or "seven" in English, painted their homes in Windows-themed colors as part of the Spanish subsidiary's launch event.