How Do I Get on Pinpoint?

Getting listed on Pinpoint is easy! But you must use SOLUTION PROFILER first.


1) Sign into Solution Profiler using your Partner Live ID

2) Check to see if you have existing solutions in there. If you do, please make at least a small EDIT them to make sure they are current.

No solutions in there? Please add AT LEAST ONE new Solution and Save.

3) Save the new Solution or editing existing Solution (only need min one solution to get listed on Pinpoint)

4) Microsoft will review all NEW or EDITED Solutions each week and migrate them over to Pinpoint

5) Wait 3-5 Business Days for your Welcome Email – you will be asked to sign in to Pinpoint with your Live ID you used in Solution Profiler

6) Click on the “Dashboard” link in the top right hand corner and check your solution and company overview is correct

Once you receive your Welcome Email – YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO TO SOLUTION PROFILER again! All edits and new listings are now added via the Pinpoint Dashboard.

If you ARE NOT listed on Pinpoint – you must use SOLUTION PROFILER first to get listed – you cannot profile directly via Pinpoint until you are approved via Solution Profiler

Email with any issues