Identity & Security competency requirements changing


The Identity & Security competency requirements are changing in May 2010. To deliver best value to both our partners and customers, we continue to evolve our enterprise security strategy - “ Business Ready Security ”.  We believe that security needs to encompass protection, access and management, all built around identity and integrated with a highly secure, interoperable platform.  This notion of integrated, identity-aware protection and access is unique and central to Microsoft’s security strategy.

We are aligning the IDENTITY and SECURITY competency requirements to better embody this strategy.  This will allow us to identify our best partners and appropriately reward them. Customers will also benefit by knowing that partners in the competency are qualified to provide an end-to-end solution for their business needs.

We have aggregated a series of resources for Security partners below to help them further align to our Business Ready Security strategy and the new Security Competency requirements that take effect in May 2010.

1. Please visit the Infrastructure Security Requirements page to read more about the new exam requirements. 

2. Get Free Training: Technical readiness resources at Forefront Learning Paths & sales readiness resources at Core IO University.

3. Take the exam (70-557) preparation courses (part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4)

4. Register for the exam at