Inese Kingsmill’s first Microsoft Partner blog…

… And hopefully the first of many.

I am on the road this week with a couple of my team – Sarah Arnold, our wonderful Partner Program Manager whom you know and Wendy Komadina, our newly appointed Partner Marketing Lead.

As you may know already, I am new to the Partner Strategy & Programs Director position, but not new to Microsoft.  I had come to appreciate and value the tremendous strategic asset Microsoft has in its Partner ecosystem from a little further afield in my previous role as the Small and Mid-market Business Lead.  But I can genuinely say that getting this close to the action and speaking with so many of you over the past 2 months - 200+ in roundtables, workshops, 1:1s, WPC and other meetings – is the most invigorating and dare I say, challenging role I have held with Microsoft to date!

A sincere thank you to the Microsoft partners who have attended our sneak preview briefings on the new Microsoft Partner Network this week.  We have had some fantastic support from Perth and Adelaide in particular.  It seems there is a bit of a competitive spirit out there in the community and every city has wanted to improve on Melbourne’s turn out!  I look forward to meeting the Canberra Partners tomorrow.

Our briefings this week are centred around the evolution to the Microsoft Partner Network.  We are fielding some great questions and taking some great feedback as always :)  I also hope that partners are taking out of the sessions a taste for some of the initiatives we are  implementing in response to feedback we’ve received from you in the past.  Rest assured that what you tell us does not fall on deaf ears, although I knowledge that sometimes it may feel like that.  I’m optimistic we are improving on this and I am excited to be heading into APC this year with good news for all Partners.

I am heading out to dinner in Adelaide with Wendy and Sarah this evening (not sure where though – any suggestions??).  Canberra tomorrow and Brisbane and Sydney next week.

One of my team or I will provide a summary of the questions and feedback from this series of briefing next week.  So stay tuned!


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So you can put a face with the name here is a picture of me at Worldwide Partner conference with WPC Award winners Clayton Moulynox and Nick Moran of Evolve IT and Martin Cooperwaite and Cameron Brookes of Kiandra.








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