Integrating Microsoft Inspire into your planning cycle for FY19

Guest Post from Luke Debono, Co-founder Incredible Results

Think Microsoft Inspire can’t get any better? Think again. For the first time, Microsoft Ready and Microsoft Inspire will be co-located providing a unique opportunity for Microsoft Partners and Microsoft employees to create valuable new relationships and strengthen existing ones.

So, what does this mean for you? Let’s take a quick dive into the numbers:

It’s going to be a whole lot bigger

With around 40,000 people expected to attend – this is going to be more than a conference, it’s going to be an experience.

There’s going to be more content than ever before

As well as the corenote sessions, Microsoft Inspire will feature seven primary content streams:

  • Modern Workplace
  • Data and AI
  • Applications and Infrastructure
  • Business Applications
  • Industry
  • Business Leadership
  • Partnering with MicrosoftThese streams will cover more than 160 individual sessions which is why…..

You’re going to need a plan

With such a huge volume of content and so many attendees, the potential of getting lost is real! Having attended 15 worldwide Microsoft conferences, we wanted to share our tips with you for maximising the potential of Inspire to accelerate and amplify your FY19 goals.

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