ISV & App Builders: We're Here To Help

Is your business built on developing apps or IP? We’re here to help you build your business!

Over the past few months, we’ve listened and know that you want content specifically for your IP-based business model. Check out the resources below and let us know what you think over on Yammer!

We’ve split the new content into Plan, Build and Go to Market.

Resources to Help You Plan

Building Your Business With Microsoft

It all starts with how you can build your business model with Microsoft. As a Microsoft Partner, your success is our success and so whether you’re born in the cloud or built on premise, your strategy is critical. We’ve shared some guidance on how you can craft your strategy around the developments in cloud and shared our roadmaps so you can also see our strategy.

Success Stories

Interested in hearing from partners who have been successful partnering with us? We’ve got you covered!


As you begin building applications, understand how to get the support you need.

Get Started Building Applications

Build and Certify Your Solutions

We’re here to provide tools and resources that you need to build world-class solutions. We can help you create your development and test environments, as well as get you technical support from highly qualified Microsoft developers and engineers.

Learn Best Practices

With more than 1 billion people using Microsoft software, you never have to start from scratch. We’ve got you covered with some best practices to get you started!

Grow Your Marketing Prowess

Marketing Your Solutions

After your application is certified, make use of Microsoft’s marketing resources to reach customers. Marketplace listings, SEO, demand generation tools, and support resources are available to you as a partner.

Marketing Best Practices

Much like with the Build stage, we’ve also collected best practices for marketing!

Luke’s favourite resource!

My favourite new resource is the Smart Partner Marketing portal for ISVs. You can complete a simple assessment to see where you’re at. Then we’ll give you some simple recommendations of what you can do to improve.

Plus, on demand educational content is included which is designed to teach you how to drive lead generation. The videos are great! Check them out and share them with your staff!

Australian ISV Yammer Group

One of the big opportunities for ISVs is partnering together to build on each other’s success. Working with another ISV in a complementary area, you can Co-Sell together and both win from your customer bases.

We already have a community of ISVs building after APC, so come and join the discussion over on Yammer!


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