Kick Start Your Pre-Sales Training Schedule for 2015

How is your training plans for 2015 coming along, have you put time in your calendar? I have four hours a month blocked out, two hours on the second and last Friday of every month. I love sitting down and learning about what is new out in the technology world.

I have had a few partners reach out to me to see if we have any tools to help them. I am happy to share with you all that you can create a learning plan for yourself and your team. To get started with using the Learning Plan tool, watch these three videos: associate your account with your MPN organization company, create a Learning Plan, and measure Learning Plan progress.

Feel like doing some training right now check out details of the Windows 10 announcement here

We have some great training for those of you in “Pre-Sales” roles within our Partner Organisations

If you have any questions around training & development, I would love to hear from you. Please email