May Certification Hero.... Viktor Isakov

Congratulations to Victor Isakov the May Certification Hero!!

Victor has achieved the following Microsoft Certifications:

Microsoft Certified Master: SQL Server
Microsoft Certified Architect: SQL Server

Victor believes that Microsoft certifications have furthered his career, as he states below:

“Certification allows you to differentiate yourself from your peers in an industry where everyone claims to "know everything" and "have done it". IT professionals design or work on critical systems yet there is insufficient scrutiny by the industry to ensure that these "professionals" have the requisite knowledge and experience. Certification helps in that it proves a certain level of competancy across the features available in a Microsoft technology stack. Consequently, employers know that an IT professional will be able to evaluate and choose the correct technology for the task at hand.”

Victor has also provided some tips on the best way to obtain your Microsoft Certifications

“Two things. Go on a Microsoft course. It will enable you to get your hands "dirty" with the technology and importantly be able to network with your peers. Otherwise read any Microsoft white papers that are relevant.”

 Victor has won $150 to spend with Microsoft Press.

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