Microsoft announces expansion for HoloLens in Australia

Blog post attributed to: Tina Flammer, Windows & Devices Group, Microsoft Australia

I am thrilled to announce an important milestone for Microsoft HoloLens and the mixed reality journey we are on at Microsoft.

Starting at 9pm today, HoloLens is available to purchase (pre-order today, not available to purchase until November) in Australia and we are excited to welcome developers and commercial businesses to experience the holographic journey.

The news comes at a time when HoloLens is experiencing tremendous excitement and interest from developers and commercial customers and partners around the globe and in Australia.

Since the launch of HoloLens, Microsoft has seen innovation happening across the board as a diverse set of companies and partners breaks new ground within its industries using HoloLens as a means to transform their business.

“Microsoft HoloLens is the perfect platform for learning, collaborating or visualizing complex information,” said Inger Lawes, Saab Australia’s Mixed Reality Applications Program Head. “For example, in the training environment, it allows both trainers and trainees to share a visually rich interactive experience where the real world can be overlaid with fully interactive holograms. This technology is transformational, and we have had significant interest from a diverse range of industries such as healthcare and mining, keen to understand how Microsoft HoloLens and tailored mixed-reality applications can add new value to their businesses.”

Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition and Microsoft HoloLens Commercial Suite is now available for pre-order in Australia, exclusively from the Microsoft Store. Devices will start to ship in late November – with the Development Edition costing AUD 4,369 and the Commercial Suite costing AUD 7,269.

More about the Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition and Commercial Suite, and Windows Holographic can be found here or can be sourced from the Microsoft Online Store.