Microsoft Azure Game: A Fun Way To Learn!


Learn about Azure – whatever your role. The Azure games includes content for sales, presales, and technical individuals.

New Azure training: play and learn today!

We have just released 3 new Azure games for sales, presales, and technical roles. These help partners learn about Azure in a fun, relaxed, repetitive-learning environment. The games link directly to the Azure learning paths, so you can play then study using the training in the learning paths – and finally take any requisite exams or assessments.

Over the past month since the launch of the Australian Datacentres I have received a lot of requests for sales content, so I am thrilled to provide this content in a fun way for everyone to learn. 

Get Started Today:

Login with your Live credentials.

Once you have had fun and learnt a lot about Azure why not pop over to the Azure Learning Path and take an exam or assessment.

* Technical Assessment for Using Azure for Data Analytics and Data Platform Solutions 

* Technical Assessment for Application Development 

* Technical Assessment for Using Azure for Datacentre Solutions 

* Azure Sales learning path

* Azure presales learning path