Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 – the latest enhancements for intelligent customer engagement

According to the Journal of Experimental Psychology,1 every time a user switches programs or applications, there is a 40 percent reduction in productivity. 

New capabilities were unveiled today for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 which will be available before the end of the calendar year.  These new developments are designed to increase productivity for customer-facing employees by providing a simple and seamless experience across their Dynamics CRM application and their productivity applications like email, Excel, OneDrive for Business for easier task management, an enhanced mobile experience for the worker on the go, and enriched data and analytics. 

These new capabilities include:

  • An enhanced Excel experience within CRM, including new Excel templates to automate many core tasks.  This helps our customers across the board but particularly in sales as it allows them to do things like calculate commissions or manage a sales forecast.  They get analysis and insights directly in their sales processes, without the need to export or switch – just easy toggling to reduce countless steps and eliminate the complexity. 
  • The next generation of our CRM app for outlook enables people to track emails, add contacts from within an email or even create new records to track emails through the browser on PC, Mac or mobile browser on a phone. 
  • Delve functionality to surface trending content that is most relevant to what a person is working on and what is trending around them.  For example, Delve might show popular presentations or proposals to help our customers with their opportunity or account. Contextual documents across SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Office 365 Groups for any CRM record. Seamlessly open various Office apps within CRM or the CRM mobile app.  We’re making it easy for people to open a document in the
    CRM app using different application on various devices like Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad or Microsoft Word for iPhone. After reviewing the document, they can return back to the CRM app simply by just tapping on the “back” button .
  • Personalised sales documents based on CRM data are now easier to build with Document Generation .  People no longer need to manually extract CRM data for documents such as account summaries, quotes/orders/invoices, product sheets in Word. Automation of this core sales task is another way we’re saving people time. 
  • Next generation Cortana integration.   We’re taking our Cortana integration to the next level by embedding sales activities, accounts and opportunities into Cortana to surface what’s most relevant to salespeople at any time – across both personal and professional sources.

This short video provides an overview of these new capabilities.  Or read the full announcement and blog post from Bob Stutz, Corporate VP Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Stay tuned for more updates, meanwhile you can find out more about the exciting new capabilities of Dynamics CRM 2016 in the Release Preview Guide.

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1 Rubinstein, Joshua S.; Meyer, David E.; Evans, Jeffrey E. (2001). “Executive Control of Cognitive Processes in Task Switching. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance,” 27(4), 763–797