Microsoft Partner Network: Changes coming to the Microsoft web syndication program

If you are a subscriber to our Microsoft web content syndication service, you need to know that we are modernising our platform and moving to the Microsoft Digital Commerce and Campaign Network (DCCN) after September 30, 2016. This platform is operated by CNET Content Solutions, in concert with Microsoft and offers a feature rich, flexible and easy to use platform.

The Microsoft Digital Commerce and Campaign Network enables you to:

  • Reach and engage customers with professionally created, dynamic web marketing delivered directly to your website – at no cost.
  • Educate customers on new products, services and solutions offered by Microsoft.
  • Add content to your website in 5 minutes, and download supporting outbound collateral such as: marketing flyers, demand generation emails, online videos and more.
  • Access rich metrics to gauge impact.

Microsoft will discontinue supporting the Ready To Go Web Content syndication program on September 30, 2016.

At this time if you are syndicating Office 365 content, you will continue to see those banners and directly embedded microsites on your website. If you are syndicating content other than Office 365, a transparent banner will be delivered to your site.

We recommend that all partners follow the steps below to remove the Microsoft RTG HTML Script from your website.


  • Please remove the Microsoft RTG HTML Script from your website.
    • You can find the RTG HTML script by opening the source code for any pages that contain the RTG HTML script and searching for the script tag that contains
  • After September 30, 2016, Microsoft invites you to select syndicated web content by going to You will find the content you are currently syndicating available in the new platform.
  • Note – if you do not remove the RTG syndication script from your site before September 30th, your site may incur serious page load performance issues.

We appreciate your partnership and look forward to showing you our updated web content syndication platform!

DCCN Syndication