Microsoft Partner Network Competency Changes


In July 2009, the Microsoft Partner Network announced a more relevant competency structure that better reflects solutions that customers purchase. We have launched four competencies already and in May, 2010 we will launch an additional 23 new competencies.

We continue to evolve the Microsoft Partner Network to help you:

* Engage in like-minded communities and marketplaces.

* Differentiate your business and capitalise on benefits received based on your commitment to deep expertise and performance.

* Deliver more value to your customers by meeting competency requirements that address your specific business focus and model.

Next steps

The competency and specialisation transition occurs today and you will automatically transition to the new competency based on the competency or competencies you have today. After this transition occurs, you will receive an email welcoming you to the new competency.

There will be no changes to your benefits at this time.

After May 25, 2010, you will need to meet new competency requirements by your re-enrolment date.

New benefits for competencies and advanced competencies become available in October 2010. However, you retain your current benefits until your re-enrolment date. To learn about new software benefits, view the Microsoft Partner Network License Calculator. For information on additional benefits, reference the Value of Earning a Competency guide.

You can continue to use the competency logos you currently have. You will be able to use new competency logos when all competencies are available, after October 2010.


Sarah Arnold