Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Centre (VLSC) Update

The Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Centre is currently undergoing maintenance as part of a series of enhancements to improve the licensing management experience for partners and customers. Our goal is for the site to be available on Wednesday, December 16, 2009. Microsoft is upgrading the online experience based on partner and customer feedback, which will create a single portal to manage all Volume Licensing agreements and IDs, download product keys, and access Software Assurance benefits. This experience will also improve administrative management and offer greater flexibility with streamlined registration and permission management. Currently, additional tool functionality including eAgreements and Explore.MS are also impacted by this maintenance.

Media Fulfilment

While VLSC is undergoing scheduled maintenance, please visit the Product Activation Call Centres for assistance activating your product. You can find a phone number for your region by visiting

Media fulfilment isn’t available while the site is undergoing maintenance, however, we are offering to ship media at no cost to our customers as necessary. If you prefer not to wait for VLSC availability, please contact your local Volume Licensing Call Centre by telephone or email to receive information about receiving physical media. 

Australia phone numbers:

Direct: (61) (2) 9870 2131

Toll Free: (1) (800) 642 008


Customers may encounter longer than normal response times due to high volume based on the site maintenance. We appreciate your patience as we service partner or customer inquiries.

Please check back on the website sign-in page for regular updates and we apologize for any inconvenience. We look forward to providing you with an improved experience in the future.