New Azure Backup Pricing Model Live April 1st

Effective April 1, 2015, a price decrease and pricing model change for Azure backup will provide your customers with the flexibility to use the most economical storage in Azure whilst aligning to how the industry changes for backup.  The price for Azure Backup is now charged per server protected + storage vs a higher meter rate than storage across full data.

Costing Breakdown

The Backup service will be charged based on the size of each protected instance per the below:

  • 1) Small Instance Up to 50GB will be approximately $5/month + .02 cents per GB
  • 2) Medium Instance 51 to 500GB will be approximately $10/month + .02 cents per GB
  • 3) Large Instances for each 500 GB block will be approximately $10 per 500GB + .02 cents per GB

Note: approximate pricing is for Open Azure / Direct

Here is a quick summary of the new pricing model

clip_image002 clip_image002[4]


Please reach out with any questions or go to the Azure Backup Page